aim1 W2S2 [eım] n
something you hope to achieve by doing something
aim of
The aim of the research is to find new food sources.
The main aim of the course is to improve your writing.
with the aim of doing sth
a campaign with the aim of helping victims of crime
Teamwork is required in order to achieve these aims.
a policy which sets out the school's aims and objectives
2.) take aim
to point a gun or weapon at someone or something you want to shoot
take aim at
Alan took aim at the target.
3.) take aim at sb/sth
AmE to criticize someone or something
Critics took aim at both the Senator and the President.
4.) [U]
someone's ability to hit what they are aiming at when they throw or shoot something
Val's aim was very good.
aim 2
aim2 W2S2 v
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: aesmer, from Latin aestimare; ESTIMATE2]
1.) [I]
to try or intend to achieve something
aim to do sth
We aim to finish by Friday.
(be) aimed at doing sth
an initiative aimed at reducing road accidents
aim for
We're aiming for a big improvement.
2.) aim sth at sb
to say or do something that is intended for a particular person or group of people
a program that's aimed at teenagers
The criticism wasn't aimed at you.
arrow, ↑bow
3.) [I and T]
to choose the place, person etc that you want to hit or reach and point a weapon or another object towards them
Denver aimed his gun but did not shoot.
aim at/for
The pilot was aiming for the runway but came down in a nearby field.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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